Version 2

A new tyre has been officially launched in the market, one made especially for sport utility vehicles (SUV) and pick-up trucks. Dubbed the Michelin Primacy SUV tyre, it was developed exclusively for Asia Pacific roads and its weather conditions. The tyres are for on-road use.

Compared to previous-gen Michelin tyres, the Primacy SUV is claimed to have improved safety performance – shorter braking distance of 2.2 metres on wet roads and improved grip during wet cornering by as much as 6%. In dry conditions, it offers a shorter braking distance of 1.9 metres. Tests were done using a Honda CR-V 2.0 on 225/65 R17 tyres.

Four key Michelin technologies are present, the first being Flexmax 2.0, a flexible tyre tread compound that adapts to the shape of the road. On top of that, it has a chamfered tread block that prevents tyre distortion under pressure.

The next is Stabiligrip, which has “self-locking blocks” or smaller slits that accompany the larger grooves. This serves to reduce block deformation, improve handling and braking in dry conditions. In addition to that, the tread pattern and high sipe density breaks water film, while the wider, deeper grooves allow for better water evacuation, resulting in enhanced grip in the wet.

As for tyre noise, the Primacy SUV features Evenpeak technology, which sees the tread blocks designed a little wider and in various patterns. With this, noise is spread across a wider frequency range, without peaks of noise to keep the tyre quieter all while maintaining handling and braking performance.

Last but not least, Cushionguard technology is in effect when the flexible tread compound makes contact with the road. It integrates the flexible tread, shock absorbent sidewalls and a layer of noise-filtering rubber to soften vibrations and to give better absorption of bumps on the road.

Distributed by Tyreplus outlets and Michelin’s authorised dealer network nationwide, the Primacy SUV tyre start from RM440. Sizes range from 16- to 18-inches.