Making its world premier at the Salao Duas Rodas motorcycle show in South America is the BMW Concept Stunt G 310. BMW Motorrad enlisted the help of stunt-riding champion Chris Pfeiffer to build the compact design of the bike – which was also possible due to a new small 300 cc engine.

Said engine is a single-cylinder which is inclined towards the rear, while the cylinder head has been rotated by 180 degrees. This allows for a short wheelbase and optimum placement of the engine. The silencer could be placed vertically between the engine and spring strut, as the intake area has been shifted to the front while the exhaust system has been moved towards the rear.

Styling of the bike consists of a three-dimensional design, with lines meant to give the impression of motion even when it’s parked. It has a slim front, a sleekly modelled fuel tank, an engine spoiler underneath and a raised tail. A striking sight to behold with its white colour base, covered in red, blue, neon green and a Brazilian flag on the sides along with a pair of multi-coloured wheels to match.

With the help and input from stuntman Chris Pfeiffer, a few modifications were included onto the bike. It has a lockable throttle to ensure the bike accelerates even though the throttle grip has been let go. Next, a revised gear ratio to ensure the rear wheels have constant power at low engine speeds. The bike was also given larger rear brake discs and an additional brake lever on the left side handlebar.

Furthermore, it has a non-slip seat, “axle-pegs” fitted in the front wheel and rear seat area as well as red crash bars to protect the engine. In addition to that, it features a custom-designed “stunt tail” fashioned from aluminium – it has an opening in the centre for stunt riders to hold their foot in.