The long-delayed Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) rail fare raise can’t come soon enough, according to the Railwaymen’s Union of Malaya. The Star reports that the group wants the proposed increase to be put back on, or the company risks its services deteriorating.

Union president Abdul Razak Md Hassan told the publication that KTM was losing in excess of RM200 million a year, adding that it required an emergency funding from the government to keep the lights on, and upgrade its services. Workers’ salaries must also be increased, he said, as the cost of living is ever-increasing.

Abdul Razak added that the company has indeed asked the government for funding of an undisclosed amount in July, but has yet to receive the money. KTM was also allegedly footing an extra RM6 million bill due to the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on April 1. “We want to give a better service, but we don’t have enough money,” he said.

The Star stated that the losses were confirmed by an anonymous source at the company – the KTM Komuter service, for example, was bleeding RM0.09 per kilometre travelled for each passenger, while the intercity trains were losing a staggering RM0.33 per kilometre per passenger. When asked about what would happen if pricing remained at their current rates, he said “it will affect our operations.”

The government delayed the increase in rail and express bus fares indefinitely after the proposal, revealed in March, received a public backlash.