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The rumour mill has been on overdrive for a while now over the possibility of this one becoming reality, but time to lay that particular thought to rest – Blue Oval enthusiasts are going to groan in dismay, but Ford apparently won’t be building a RS version of its Fiesta, making the Fiesta ST as hot as it gets where the seventh-gen B299 is concerned.

This was recently revealed by Jamal Hameedi, Ford Performance’s global chief engineer. Hameedi told Australian publication Drive that the business case for a series production Fiesta RS would be a difficult one to construct.

He explained that while some Ford Performance models still had a regional scope, future products had to be conceived with a global market perspective in mind, and something like a Fiesta RS – with its limited purview and appeal – wouldn’t fall into that line of thinking.

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“We’ve talked about it (a Fiesta RS) a lot, and there’s a debate on whether it’d have a lot of customers. Certainly, the hard-core guys would go for it, and it would work in Europe, but we’ve now prioritised projects that we think would have a more global reach,” he told Drive.

However, a performance SUV has been confirmed as being something the brand is deliberating on. “We’re having that conversation,” Hameedi revealed, lending credence to the mention last week of the possibility of a ST variant of the C520 Kuga coming about.

While stating that the innate traits of an SUV and the aims of a performance vehicle were somewhat at odds, he didn’t discount the likelihood of a souped-up Ford SUV showing up in the marketplace at some point. “I think there’s probably a market for an ST (rather than RS) crossover,” he explained. So, we might see a Kuga ST sometime in the near future.

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