It would appear that the intense hatred harboured by Malaysian taxi drivers towards ride-sharing services such as Uber, GrabCar and the like has escalated to a whole new level recently. Two videos showing a group of taxi drivers harassing Uber/GrabCar vehicles have surfaced online and are now making their way around on various social media platforms.

Both videos begin similarly enough with the “narrator” of the clip explaining to viewers on the fate of the cornered Uber/GrabCar vehicles. In the first video, a white Perodua Myvi is seen pulling up to the entrance of Suria KLCC before a group of taxi drivers swarm around it, preventing the driver from leaving the scene.

The taxi drivers then begin to harass the Myvi driver. At one point in the video, it even looks like a certain degree of physical contact was imparted by the taxi driver onto the Myvi. However, the first video ends with the white Myvi driving away into the distance but not before a traffic cone was kicked into its path.

Moving on, the second clip paints a similar picture with another car halted on the road not too far away from the location of the first video. It’s pretty much the same story again with a group of taxi drivers cornering the Uber/GrabCar vehicle and asking for the passenger to alight from said car. However, the video finishes without the viewers ever knowing what happened to the car at the end of the whole incident.