Transmission manufacturer Jatco has announced that it has developed a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) together with its parent company, Nissan. Made for front-wheel drive compact vehicles with the aim of yielding better fuel economy, the gearbox will debut in the China-only Nissan Lannia, which will be launched this month, according to Just Auto.

Based on the current CVT7, the new unit, called the CVT7 W/R, will also use an auxiliary gearbox, similar to the CVT7. It is also said to have active slip control system, which stops “excessive engine pick-up response” and Dynamic step-shift control (D-step) that claims to give the driver (and car) a more exciting driving experience.

The CVT7 W/R gearbox features newly developed belts, along with improved pulleys. Aside from that, the company says that it has the largest CVT ratio coverage of 8.7. Furthermore, it has a small oil-pump which has been improved to reduce friction, which in turn enhances fuel economy.

Production of the transmission started back in August, at Jatco’s Automatic Transmission facility in Guangzhou.

GALLERY: Nissan Lannia