You can now choose to mix-and-match the MINI Countryman with six different roof decals for added grooviness. From October 1 to November 15, BMW Malaysia will be giving new customers the choice to do just that for free, as announced on its website.

Fittingly titled “Couture for Countryman,” the webpage includes patterns such as a red, blue and white mural, a colourful palette of mosaic tiles, semi-circle colours, a paint splash effect with the words “MINI” in the middle, a contemporary mix of black, grey and red and a sharp vibrant arrow-like design.

Exterior paint that you can match those striking decals with include original MINI paint schemes such as light white, midnight grey metallic, jungle green, brilliant copper metallic, blazing red metallic and starlight blue. The website will give you a little sneak peek as well of what it’ll like from the top.

After completing your custom-designed Countryman, you can then share it on Facebook (because why wouldn’t you right?) and even download it as your desktop wallpaper. Better yet, you can book the Countryman in that very colour and design. Pretty cool, especially if you want something other than a plain white or black roof.

You can have a go at it yourself by clicking here.