Moskvitch 412

It’s looking quite fashionable these days to bring back old names, and Borgward isn’t the only blast from the past being resurrected – word is that Renault has plans to revive a Russian brand that went defunct in the early 2000s.

The brand is called Moskvitch, reportedly one of the major automotive names of the Soviet era. French publication Auto Plus, quoting AFP, says that the French carmaker is planning to resurrect the Russian nameplate in a bid to put more of its cars on Russian roads.

The report adds that Renault’s goal of capturing 40% of the Russian market share in 2016 is still a ways away from being achieved, the numbers not swelling to plan despite the takeover last year of Avtovaz, which owns Lada. Nothing like opening another card then, and the move to bring back the old name is apparently underway.

Founded in 1930, the Russian company built four million cars in the late ’80s before declining gradually with the fall of the USSR. Production stopped in the early 2000s and the company was dissolved in 2006. The car above is the Moskvitch 412, of which production ran from the late ’60s into the mid ’70s. The new Moskvitch should look more modern, yes.