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Despite being under siege from taxi drivers, Uber Malaysia isn’t showing any signs of slowing – indeed, the transportation network company has announced the launch of its newest service offering, which is called uberXL.

The new service sits between the regular uberX and the premium uberBlack price-wise, but there’s more to than just the ringgit and sen, of course – the service utilises people movers, which presumably means MPVs (er, yes, that’s a SUV in the graphic), with room for up to six people.

Pricing for the service is RM2.50 for the base fare, while the running tariff is 75 sen per kilometre or 40 sen per minute, which is slightly higher than that for uberX. Rates for uberX – as currently listed on the Uber website – are RM1.50 for base fare, and 60 sen per km or 30 sen per minute.

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Incidentally, the rates for uberX is different than that reported in May, when Uber announced that uberX fares were being hiked to RM2 per base fare and 70 sen per km/35 sen per minute. As it stands, the website’s listed tariffs should be the going rates.

The minimum fare for uberXL is RM2.50, and a trip from KL to KLIA will cost RM110, while an excursion from KL to Genting Highlands is RM160. In comparison, uberX’s rates are RM90 and RM140 respectively, but if you’ve got a party of five, going with uberXL is cheaper as you don’t need to get two uberX vehicles.

As for making a request for the service, it’s pretty much how you’d go about it for other Uber rides. Fire up the Uber app, slide right to uberX and tap on the uberXL option, tp on ‘Set Pickup Location’, confirm your request and that’s it.