tesla model s 01

Elon Musk isn’t going to be pleased. The Tesla Model S, which was previously given a recommendation by Consumer Reports has now been withdrawn, according to the LA Times. To make matters worst, it has sent Tesla Motors shares spiralling by 10% in regards to this matter.

It was given a below-average rating in its annual report, which led to investors being cautious about the company. As to what caused the withdrawal – the Tesla Model S seems to be plagued with reliability issues, which the consumer mag labelled as “complicated maladies.”

Consumer Reports surveyed a total of 1,400 owners of the Tesla Model S. Owners reported issues relating to the drivetrain, power and charging equipment and the large touchscreen centre console. Furthermore, there were also complaints about squeaks, rattling and leaks coming from the body and the sunroof.

Jake Fisher, Consumer Report’s director of automotive testing said, “As the older vehicles are getting up on miles, we are seeing some where the electric motor needs to be replaced and the onboard charging system won’t charge the battery.” For the newer Model S cars, Fisher stated that complaints consists of the sunroof not properly functioning and persisting door handle issues.

Thilo Koslowski, automotive practice leader at Gartner Inc opines however that strong customer service and satisfaction could help tackle the unfavourable rating. “Tesla customers have such strong belief and loyalty they will excuse some of these problems,” he said. Fisher also believes the company will learn from current issues and does not think it will hurt the company long term.

That said, in another report by Bloomberg it highlights that customers however, would still buy a Tesla Model S again in the future, as owner satisfaction was high. Moreover, Consumer Reports has commended the drive of the Model S and noted that customers rated Tesla’s service as “the best in the world.” The company is able to diagnose and fix bugs over-the-air, without having customers come in to service centres.