The Borneo Safari, one of the world’s toughest 4X4 expeditions, will be the new Mitsubishi Triton‘s baptism of fire as the truck joins this year’s Silver Jubilee 7D8N event.

The new Triton will be entered as a corporate vehicle, piloted by Borneo Safari veterans Paul Si from Sarawak and Lionel Yew from Selangor.

“We are proud to be entrusted by Mitsubishi with this mission, to take on the Borneo Safari in the all-new Triton, which will go in with the absolute minimum of modifications,” said Si, who took part in the 1992 and 2008 events, and has not missed a Safari since 2012.

“Many participants will have done extensive modifications to their vehicles, some because they have encountered problems in previous events and have learned what are the weaknesses that need to be rectified. We will try to do it while keeping the Triton as standard as possible.


“We have to have a winch, and a bullbar for protection and recovery points, and the organisers tell us that tyres with extreme tread patterns are compulsory so that we will need to make some mods to the wheel arch and suspension just to fit these big tyres,” Si explained.

Compulsory equipment to be fitted includes a strong bullbar, reinforced rear bumpers, a Warn winch with 9,000-pound pulling capacity and GT Radial Komodo 35” tyres.

The Borneo Safari will flag off from the Sabah Tourism Board building in KK and the convoy will head to Penampang for the opening Prologue Special Stages. Over the next few days, participants will split into several groups and proceed to various camp sites, including Kg Sungi and Kg Tingkolod before tackling the hardcore stretches (Rundum and Lagud Seberang areas) in the southwest region of Sabah. The 4X4s will regroup in Tenom before returning to KK.

Heavy traffic is expected as the Borneo Safari’s popularity has swollen. From around 20 vehicles in the early years, 250 4X4s took part last year and around 300 are expected to do so this year.

2015 Mitsubishi Triton VGT Adventure