Daihatsu Hinata Tokyo 2015 3

Besides the D-Base concept, which is likely to be a preview of the next Mira and inspiration for a future Perodua, Daihatsu also brought the Hinata concept to Tokyo Big Sight. Like the five-door hatch, the Hinata is also a “reference model” for a upcoming production car.

The Hinata is described as “a new basic mini vehicle that blends a round design with a taste of refinement and space functionality”.

These official statements don’t always describe what you see, but in this case, the Hinata has no sharp edges (unlike the Move and Wake we saw at GIIAS) and makes fantastic use of its compact footprint (3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide, 1,670 mm tall, 2,455 mm wheelbase).

We’ll let the pictures speak for the car’s roomy interior, which is quite amazing, really. The seats can even face out of the B-pilar-less sides with 180-degree opening doors – a new way of people watching. It’s cute and useful, very Japanese.

As for the “refinement” part, the unpolished light wood panels lend the kei-car a sense of warmth.