Audi A5 Cabrio 2

Here we have fresh photos of the next-generation Audi A5 Cabriolet, caught in public for the very first time. This confirms that the 2017 A5 drop-top will indeed stick to a fabric foldable roof, instead of a hard-top as featured on the BMW 4 Series Convertible.

That appears to be the only news of note here, however, as the rest of the car is exactly as you’d expect it to be. The test mule is still carrying a fair bit of camouflage, but the low-mounted grille, shapelier headlights and slim taillights are all clear to see, as already visible on our earlier 2017 Audi A5 Coupe spyshots.

The interior can be seen in this set of pictures as well, but again, no surprises here – it looks identical to that of the latest Audi A4. This particular vehicle appears to be a low-spec model with manual air-con and a conventional instrument cluster, but expect the production car to feature all the tech offered on the sedan.

Underneath the familiar skin it’ll be all-new, riding on a development of the MLB platform, dubbed MLB Evo. Already seen on the new Q7 and A4, it has the potential to bring along significant weight savings – up to 120 kg in the case of the A4 – so we’re expecting the same drop in heft with the A5 Cabriolet.