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Mazda has chalked up a win for environmental friendliness – its new Aqua-tech Paint System, which reduces both volatile organic compounds (VOC) and carbon dioxide emissions, has nabbed the Japanese prime minister’s award in the manufacturing and production process category, at the Sixth Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award ceremony.

According to Hiroshima, the system is said to increase the efficiency of usage of resources such as paint and energy significantly, thanks to the consolidation of paint application processes and functions of paint. This contributes to the reduction of VOC emissions (by as much as 78% over previous oil-based systems) during the painting process, without emitting more CO2.

In addition, the implementation of the technology into colour development has enabled the company to create “highly sophisticated design” colours such as its signature Soul Red, by comprehensively solving conflicting environment, quality and economic performance issues via the new paint system.


Through the recognition gained by the award, Mazda expects the technology to be implemented across the entire painting industry, not just in the automotive sector.

This is Mazda’s first time in achieving the prime minister’s award in the manufacturing and production process category – which recognises individuals or groups in introducing and developing ground-breaking systems and techniques in manufacturing and production.

The company said it’s now been inspired to continue its efforts in the research and development of production technologies that “support the art of car making” as well as their implementation, by receiving this award.