The Mercedes-Benz Museum has begun selling classic and vintage models directly to members of the public under a new programme it aptly calls “All Time Stars.”

Current models on sale via the All Time Stars project include a 1928 Mercedes-Benz 630 in “immaculate condition” that has since been converted to an open-top tourer, and has had its engine refurbished. There’s also a tip-top 280 SE that has been restored by Mercedes-Benz Classic Service & Parts, and an E 320 convertible that’s ready for everyday use.

By either visiting its website or going directly to the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart to get shopping, the All Time Stars program divides its range of available classic vehicles into three categories.


First, there are cars that qualify to sit in the Premium Edition category — these are basically classic cars in their original conditions, and have little mileage on the clock. These are also the lucky few vehicles to have been fully restored by the Mercedes-Benz Classic division in Fellbach or in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Collectors Edition is next, and consists of vehicles qualified as being in “excellent condition both technically and visually.” These cars are said to include a little bit of patina on the side, which gives them a more distinguished character.

Lastly, is the range of cars from the Drivers Edition category. These are basically vintage and modern classics that are still suitable for everyday driving, yet leave some room for tinkering and further restoration by their new owners.


Mercedes-Benz says that one of its goals behind the All Time Stars project is to reinstate customer confidence in buying a classic Mercedes-Benz, by offering nothing short of absolute transparency throughout the entire purchasing process of these classics— customers can and will be provided with extensive information surrounding any vehicle defects, modifications and originality dating back to the first day they were handed over to their very first owners.

Another reason behind the All Time Stars projects is for Mercedes-Benz to showcase its “extensive quality commitment to the purchase of classic cars.” In short, the company is keen to fortify its reputation for building cars don’t just look the part for a certain amount of time, but can also physically live up to all expectations of being a daily driver beyond their years.

Playing its part in this commitment is a comprehensive 160-item checklist that experts at the Mercedes-Benz Museum subject each vehicle to before allowing them to hit the showroom floor.