Ford Mondeo Vignale Sound-01

Something that one can look forward to in the more refined Ford Mondeo Vignale, is Ford’s Active Noise Control technology. The brand claims that it works exactly like noise-cancelling headphones. Apart from that, the Mondeo Vignale has greater sound insulation and a sound system which has been fine-tuned.

Also to feature in the upcoming Ford Edge, the Active Noise Control technology utilises three microphones placed in the cabin. The trio works to detect unwanted noise coming from both the engine and transmission.

The system then sends out opposing sound waves from the audio system. It’s inaudible, which means that music and conversation levels can be maintained as usual. In addition, the system records and even anticipates driver and vehicle behaviour, for instance when the driver is accelerating in a lower gear.

A total of 12 speakers consisting of polypropylene material and multi layer soft dome tweeters can be found inside. A compact digital signal processing amplifier that is said to be efficient and less power consuming has been fitted as well. Sound engineers from Sony are said to have devoted many hours to tuning the audio system that comes with a customised stereo mode.

Furthermore, the Mondeo Vignale features physical enhancements such as acoustic glass. It’s laminated with a thin layer of acoustic film that decreases wind noise. The Blue Oval states that the Mondeo Vignale’s ride has been designed from the ground up to offer “optimum sound experience.”

Instead of employing fibreglass for the engine bay, foam is used as a substitute – the company claims that powertrain noise in the cabin is thereby reduced by two dB. In addition, sound proofing is applied within the underbody shields, wheel arches, front and rear doors so as to impede tyre noise. The new integral link rear suspension also claims to reduce road noise by up to three dB.

It’s also the first vehicle to be tested by the newly set-up global Vehicle Harmony team. Testing involves in-cabin sounds, interior illumination and feel of surfaces. “To bring harmony to the customer experience, these instruments must be in tune with one another,” said Erika Tsubaki, design supervisor of Ford Europe.

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