To help ease some of its customers’ woes, it has been reported that Volkswagen may offer to buy back some of its European-market vehicles known to be affected by CO2 emissions irregularities.

Yesterday, Volkswagen confirmed a list of 430,000 vehicles in Europe with CO2 irregularities, specifically identifying several models from Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat. Notably, this is only half of the previously-estimated 800,000 units that the Volkswagen Group has confirmed to be effected there.

It is understood that Volkswagen will offer customers whose vehicles have understated CO2 emissions figures by more than 10%, the chance to sell back their vehicles to the car maker at current market values.


An unnamed spokesperson told the Financial Times, “we have to think that maybe people will give the car back. When we have the test figures, there could be a chance for people to say ‘I can hand back my car because you told me the wrong number’.”

Recently, Volkswagen also offered to pay for the additional CO2 emissions taxes faced by its European customers, given the discrepancies between initially claimed emissions figures and what they were in reality.

In the US, Volkswagen sought to regain the good will of its customers by preparing to hand out cash cards worth up to USD$750. It is also reported that in the UK, on top of all existing promotions and discounts being offered at the moment, Volkswagen dealerships were offering cash incentives to existing customers who were keen to trade in their Volkswagen vehicles (of any age) for a new one.