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Here’s one for PJ folks and those who pass by the TTDI interchange between the LDP Highway and Jalan Damansara. MMC Gamuda has announced that there will be a three-night Traffic Management Plan (TMP) for the area to facilitate MRT works, starting tonight. The TMP will cover the 11pm to 6am period for three nights, from November 18 to 20.

It involves the closure of the TTDI interchange of the LDP Highway, which includes two U-turns in the area. Motorists from KL, Sprint Highway, Kepong and SS2 heading to TTDI will be directed there via the Bandar Utama LDP Highway interchange, Jalan Leong Yew Koh or Jalan SS20/10. See purple arrows in Map 1.

Meanwhile, those from Kepong on the LDP Highway going to Damansara Utama will be directed to go on the flyover of the TTDI interchange (towards SS2), and make a U-turn at the LDP/Sprint Highway intersection, where the Damansara Utama police station is located. In any case, DU folks have plenty of alternatives. See the green arrows in Map 1.


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Those from KL on Jalan Damansara heading towards SS2 and Kepong via the LDP will not be affected. The above is necessary to facilitate lifting and installation of electrical equipment to the viaduct parapet wall.

MMC Gamuda also announced a continuation of the medium term closure in the area from November 21 till late January next year. It will involve the closure of the U-turn to TTDI as well as the closure of the access road to Jalan Damansara from SS2, and will be done intermittently.

Here, motorists on Jalan Damansara wanting to make a U-turn to access TTDI will have to turn right at the Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad traffic light junction and use Jalan Datuk Sulaiman and Jalan Leong Yew Koh. Those from SS2 wanting to turn right into Jalan Damansara (to KL) will be diverted to take the flyover and make a U-turn at the Bandar Utama interchange, or Damansara Perdana interchange should the BU U-turn be closed for station works.

This will be for the mobilisation of construction vehicles for installation of sound barrier works, noise barrier works at Pinggir Zaaba and related works for the TTDI station. Stay alert and follow the signs.