Most of us are pretty reliant on our smartphones these days to help get us to wherever it is we want to go. Unfortunately, some of these navigation apps are reliant on a stable mobile data connection in order to work properly. That’s not the case anymore as Google Maps’ offline navigation is finally available in Malaysia.

Essentially, users can now pre-download offline areas to be used later in areas where mobile connection is a little spotty or non-existent. This comes pretty handy for those who suffer from data anxiety as well. Of course this isn’t something new as other apps like HERE allows you to download offline maps of entire countries instead of just user-selected areas.

To use this new service, simply fire up the Google Maps app on your iOS or Android device, head towards the sidebar menu and select “Offline areas.” Next, select the “+” icon and adjust the size of the area you want to download. Simple logic dictates that a larger area will take up more space on your device. After that, hit “Download,” name the selected area, and you’re all set to go. Downloaded areas are valid for 30 days only.

With the absence of mobile data while navigating using these pre-downloaded areas, live traffic view will not be available, something to keep in mind. Nonetheless, this new feature for Malaysians is certainly beneficial for those seeking to save on data usage. Spotted a Millennium Falcon in our screenshots? It’s just Google getting into the Star Wars mood.