SPAD Taxi service survey-01

The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) is seeking public feedback in an online survey. The survey concerns taxi services and ride-sharing apps, Uber and Grabcar. A total of 10 questions have been put forward for the Malaysian public to answer.

Titled “general perception: taxi service in Malaysia,” SPAD notes in the opening, that the objective of the online survey is to improve the taxi industry in Malaysia. It believes that public opinion is “key to formulating a more holistic solution.”

To pique your interest, some of these questions include whether one would pay extra for improved quality of taxi services and better taxi availability during peak hours. In addition, survey respondents are also encouraged to list their top three complaints in relation to taxi services.

A section of the survey is reserved for Uber and Grabcar. Among the questions, SPAD wants to know whether you think it should “regulate internet based taxi network apps.” So guys, with all that’s been going on recently, here’s your chance to state your stand!

Take the survey by clicking here.