Lotus is looking to create a global network of Driving Academies worldwide after announcing a franchising programme for the course, which allows it to cater to a larger enthusiast crowd. Recently, a Lotus Driving Academy session was held in Malaysia, allowing owners the opportunity to explore the limits of their cars, under the guidance of Tengku Djan Ley.

Currently, the driving training programme handles 2,000 visitors yearly at Lotus’ HQ in Hethel. The introduction of the franchising opportunity is aimed at increasing that number with new international sites being introduced throughout 2016.

Jean-Marc Gales, Group Lotus CEO said, “the Lotus Driving Academy was originally established in 1999, offering a comprehensive range of driver training and experience packages for customers to relish the benchmark handling and pure driving experience of Lotus cars. l

“The driver training packages have been developed and fine-tuned over the years to keep pace with the progression and increased performance of Lotus cars, while staying true to Lotus philosophies,” he added.

Prospective franchise partners will undergo a thorough selection process to ensure a high level of quality and instruction is replicated around the world. Those who have been successfully picked as franchisees will receive a complete suite of start-up assets and become a direct business partner of Lotus.

They will also go through a rigorous review process. Instructors, coordinators and service technicians will have to undergo a comprehensive training curriculum to ensure Lotus’ high standards are met in all areas of the programme.