Puspakom Mobile Inspection Unit -01

The Puspakom Mobile Inspection Unit will be going round various states in Peninsular Malaysia from December 5 to 23. According to Puspakom, the mobile unit is to cater to those living far away from Puspakom inspection centres, as well as an initiative to increase quality of service for its customers.

It will open from 8am in the morning to 5pm in the evening during that period. Save for Preliminary Inspections, the mobile unit can carry out all inspections outlined under the Road Transport Act 1987.

These inspections include routine, special, transfer of ownership and voluntary vehicle inspections. The latter covers engine and chassis number validation, above-carriage and under-carriage inspection, and brakes and suspension test, among the few. Refer to the table below for the location and dates.

Puspakom Mobile Inspection Unit Schedule 2015-01

Fees and charges for all inspections will vary, depending on the type of inspection that has been carried out and the type of vehicle. Puspakom says that the inspection process is fast and simple and the inspection report will be provided to customers immediately.

“We understand our customers’ needs, that is why the Puspakom Mobile Inspection Unit is introduced to give added value to existing services. For customers who want to have either a private or commercial vehicle inspected, it will save them time and money,” CEO of Puspakom, Shukor Mohammed Ismail said.