The government has revealed new gazetted dates for the nationwide introduction of Euro 5 grade petrol and diesel in Malaysia. The full specifications of the fuel types have also been announced.

According to a document released by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Euro 5 petrol will be ready at the pumps by September 1, 2025 – this includes RON 95 and RON97. When it does, the quality of Euro 5 petrol will adhere to the new standards for sulphur and lead. You can refer to the full specifications in the document embedded below.

The remaining minimum standards for Euro 5 petrol such as Reid Vapour pressure, oxygen content, benzene, olefins, aromatics and more will be enforced in stages, throughout years 2026 and 2027.

Likewise, gazetted dates for the nationwide availability of Euro 5 diesel have also been confirmed to be September 1, 2020. As per the new regulations set by the ministry, maximum sulphur levels for the new Euro 5 standard shall not exceed 10 mg per kg from the fuel’s introduction onwards.

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 4.21.30 PM.png

From then on, the government will enforce further Euro 5 diesel standards such as its density at 15 degrees Celsius, distillation temperatures at 95% and percentage of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Currently, Euro 5 diesel fuel is available in Malaysia courtesy of individual initiatives most notably by BHPetrol, Shell and Petronas. However, their availability has not been mandated by the government. Meanwhile, Euro 4 RON 97 petrol is already available nationwide, but Euro 4 RON 95 petrol will only be available come October 1, 2018.

To recap, Malaysians can mark their calendars for the nationwide arrival of Euro 5 petrol by September 1, 2025, and Euro 5 diesel by September 1, 2020.