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Transportation app MyTeksi (known as GrabTaxi in other markets) has announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with China-based Didi Kuaidi, India-based Ola and United States-based Lyft apps.

An expansion of the deal formed in September between Lyft and Didi Kuaidi, these services will collaborate to collectively cover “nearly all of South East Asia, India, China and the US,” with joint partner products rolling out early next year.

Via the joint venture, travellers will be able to access local ridesharing services using the usual app that they use in their respective countries, with each company handling mapping, routing and payments through a secure API to provide the best global experience.

“We are pleased to help Didi, Lyft and Ola offer services in ASEAN where the significant diversity of language and culture can be challenging for foreign companies to navigate,” said MyTeksi CEO Anthony Tan. “We see many opportunities to share ideas and best practices – from product innovations to driver support, technology developments and approaches for managing local operations in a rapidly-scaling organisation.”