The Hyundai Ioniq will make its global debut in January 2016 in Korea, the company announced recently. To accompany the announcement, Hyundai has also dropped this sole teaser image of the Ioniq, which is said to be a rival to the Toyota Prius.

With just a view of the car’s silhouette, the Ioniq certainly appears to be a mellowed down version of the i-oniq range-extender concept that surfaced at the Geneva Motor Show three years ago. LED positioning lights at the front and LED taillights can be seen in the teaser image as well.

The Ioniq has already been caught testing recently, where spyshots revealed the interior of the eco-car. Unsurprisingly, the interior isn’t too futuristic in its outlook. Instead, the Ioniq adopts a more conventional design that is similar to its sibling, the Sonata.

Hyundai Ioniq interior 1

Hyundai claim that the Ioniq will be the first car in the world to offer an electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid powertrain in a single body type. It also claims that the Ioniq “combines class-leading fuel efficiency with a fun, responsive drive and attractive design, a unique mix not yet achieved by a hybrid vehicle.”

Coupled with a fully-electric (EV) powertrain, the Ioniq is powered by a high capacity, ultra-efficient lithium-ion battery. The plug-in hybrid (PHEV) version combines a “fuel-efficient energy” with battery power that is obtained by charging the car with electricity. Finally, the hybrid (HEV) utilises the petrol engine and motion of the car to charge the on-board battery.

To cater towards the multi-powertrain options, the Ioniq rides on a new platform that is said to be “optimised to deliver responsive handling while remaining efficient in each of its three powertrain configurations.”

Hyundai Ioniq 4

Woong-Chul Yang, Head of Hyundai Motor R&D Center said, “Hyundai Motor has a heritage of building innovative, fuel-efficient vehicles, so we are proud to advance our eco-friendly car line-up with the introduction of Ioniq.

“Our vision for future mobility focuses on choice, with a variety of powertrain options to suit customers’ varied lifestyles, without compromising on design or driving enjoyment. Ioniq embodies Hyundai Motor’s vision to shift the automotive paradigm and future mobility; Ioniq is the fruit of our efforts to become the leader in the global green car market,” he added.