KTM Komuter six-month reroute

KTM Komuter has announced a reroute for its Komuter train service and a new fare structure for the Klang Valley sector, which includes the Tanjung Malim-Sungai Gadut and Batu Caves-Port Klang routes. The new fare structure has been in effect since December 2, 2015.

From December 15, KTM Komuter will start a six-month trial of two reroutes for its Komuter train service (refer to top photo). The first of the two new routes is from Tanjung Malim to Port Klang, which previously stopped at Sungai Gadut. The other is from Batu Caves to Gemas, formerly to Port Klang. The purpose of the reroute is to facilitate infrastructure upgrade and track rehabilitation work.

Ticket, cashless (click to enlarge)

As for the new fare structure, it will not affect the Southern sector between Sungai Gadut-Tampin, and the Northern sector between Kamunting-Gurun. As reported earlier, it’s bad news for KTM users, who will now have to pay up to RM7.10/trip (station to station) more than before. KTM Komuter claims the new fare structure is favourable to those who use the service to travel longer distances.

However, students, senior citizens, the disabled (OKU) and children (aged four to 12 years) are entitled to a 50% discount on the affected lines. “The new structure will benefit primary and secondary school children and college and university students whereby they will now be eligible to receive concession fares at a 50% discount,” KTM Bhd (KTMB) president, Lt Col (Rtd) Sarbini Tijan said in an earlier statement.

Weekly pass, monthly pass, concession (click to enlarge)

How has the new KTM Komuter fare structure affected you so far? With the imminent implementation of a six-month reroute trial for the KTM train service, do you expect any hiccups to occur during this period?