Here’s another piece of the W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class jigsaw. Stuttgart has released pics of the next E-Class’ cabin, followed by info on the new Active Lane Change Assist function – now here’s a first look at the new E’s exterior, specifically its face, leaked by Brazilian site Noticias Automotivas.

Pictured next to today’s W212 facelift in what appears to be a family photo, the W213’s appearance is no surprise, carrying the same corporate face already seen on the W222 S-Class and W205 C-Class.

A wide grille is an integral part of this look, and it’s seen here with the “traditional” louvres and hood ornament. Instead of a three-piece lower intake, the new Merc gets a shapely single-piece cutout. Not a big departure from the current face, which was a huge change from the original W212 look.

The next E won’t be confused with today’s car, though, thanks to new LED daytime running lights seen in the second image. Two streaks flow down from the top edge, as opposed to today’s “double curve” look. Having two lines also sets it apart from the single brow of the C- and S-Class.

As we’ve already seen, the new E’s cabin has been aligned with the template set by its smaller and bigger siblings. Unmistakably modern Merc, and very classy. More jigsaw pieces to come ahead of the official unveil in January, so stay tuned.

GALLERY: W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class interior gallery