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There was a total of 509 overtakings throughout the F1 2015 season. That’s a 20% drop compared to 2014 (636), and just about half of 2013’s tally (985), which was the final year of the V8 era. Still, the highest amount of passes took place in Malaysia with 60 overtakings done at the Sepang International Circuit. Australia and Singapore saw the least with only 11 passings, according to statistics by Pirelli.

The United States saw 39 passings in the wet – the highest this season. In his debut, Dutchman Max Verstappen of Scuderia Toro Rosso made an astounding 49 overtakes, while his teammate Carlos Sainz tailed closely behind with 45 passes. To add to that, the pairing’s tallying number was the most out of all teams, in this season.

Sebastian Vettel’s climb from 18th to fifth in the Canadian GP was a rather impressive one, as the Ferrari driver managed to cut his way through with a total of 13 passings. Fernando Alonso recorded 28 overtakings at GP starts – the most on the grid. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg were the least overtaken, with both having only been passed three times, each.