While semi-autonomous driving cars seem to be all the rage with major manufacturers, Jaguar prefers to take a step back and wait to see how the technology develops. It doesn’t mean that Jaguar doesn’t have the tech waiting in the wings. It does, but wants to hold back till issues about safety and reliability are addressed, said XF project manager Stephen Boulter during the launch of the 2016 Jaguar XF on Thursday.

Boulter believes such self-driving technology could imbue drivers with a “false sense of security.” He based this opinion on the fact that the technology has yet to be proven reliable under all weather conditions, and Tesla’s experience with drivers using the semi-autonomous system in ways it was not intended. He said in an interview with Mashable Jaguar already had the system in place, with its Adapative Cruise Control, and all that was needed was the addition of electric steering.


In a similar system, the 2016 Jaguar XF is equipped with digital cameras and radar sensors as Tesla’s Autopilot. Combined with electric steering, the car has the capability to be turned into a semi-autonomous vehicle. Boulter, however, holds the view the technology is not ready as yet. “If something happens, it could set the technology back a decade.” He fears that a mishap involving a semi-autonomous vehicle could bring about reactionary legislation from the authorities and scare drivers.

This does not mean Jaguar is not testing such systems. Boulter said Jaguar would soon be conducting real-world testing on public roads around its Gaydon, England, facility.