These are the first official photos of the prototype Saietta NGS electric motorcycle. The NGS stands for Next Generation Saietta, and was designed with input from renowned electric vehicle expert Chris Lynch.

Saietta has been building electric motorcycles since 2008, starting with the Agility Motors Saietta R (blue motorcycle pictured below), and is a leading OEM supplier of electric motors and battery technology. The NGS is very much in the development process, and Saietta points out that many years of research and development still lie ahead.

Designed as a true superbike, the NGS is not the typical go-to-the-shops electric bike. Design figures indicate the motor will put out 200 hp and 150 Nm of torque.

Bodywork is the obligatory carbon-fibre, while the battery is a closely guarded secret. Saietta emphasises the prototype seen in these photos will undergo many design changes before coming close to production.