Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous activity, but riders accept and manage the risk. A new item for their safety arsenal is the Motoair Airbag One inflatable vest.

Designed to be worn with normal riding gear, the Airbag One is activated when the rider comes off the motorcycle and disconnects a safety tether. This triggers the discharge of a 28-gramme CO2 cartridge that inflates an air bladder.

The air bladder covers the neck, shoulders, torso and spine. MotoAir claims the bladder will inflate in 0.2 seconds. While this isn’t fast as airbag inflation speeds go – Alpinestars and Dainese have airbag jackets that inflate in milliseconds – at slower speeds it might be enough to save the rider from more serious injury.

The Motoair Airbag One is available in Hi-vis, black or camo, and comes with YKK zippers for durability. Certain models have removable inner linings. It is ISO9001 certified, TUV, SGS and CE approved.

At an online price of 220 pounds (RM1,400) the Airbag One isn’t cheap, but it isn’t expensive either, as far proper safety gear goes. The only drawback is if the rider forgets to disconnect the tether when dismounting the motorcycle, or stands up in the saddle while riding. Unintentional inflation can be dangerous, and could cause an accident.