Drift cars, by definition, are slightly bonkers, and not many are madder than Mike Whiddet’s Mazda MX-5. Dubbed the “Radbul”, this 1,500 hp drift car is sponsored by Red Bull, and sports a custom-built 2.6 litre rotary engine with four rotors and twin-turbochargers.

The Radbul might resemble an MX-5, somewhat, but the custom bodywork hides one-off suspension and the huge rear wing makes this car capable of jaw-dropping drifts. While some may say short-wheelbase cars are not conducive to drifting, Mad Mike has proven them wrong with this ‘hairdresser’s’ car.

Above, the video shows ‘Mad’ Mike, as he is commonly known, putting the Radbul through its paces at the Highlands Motorsport Park in his native New Zealand.