BMW M4 Mamba GT3 Street Concept-4

Detroit-based company Hoffy Automobiles has announced a custom F82 BMW M4 that looks nothing like the coupe it is based on. The Mamba GT3 Steet Concept Vehicle Bespoke Design Programme as it’s called, was developed in-house, while the radical styling was done by the Casborn Styling Studio. The custom M4 is actually a GT3 race car conversion – for the streets.

First things first, the custom body is made from carbon ceramic composites. It comprises of a large front air dam that is said to be influenced by the venting system of an F4 Phantom aircraft. The air intakes at the front are also said to contribute to lower aerodynamic drag, while a front diffuser is present as well.

The flared wheel arches are inspired by the BMW M4 DTM, and is accompanied by side skirts. The rear wing is also said to give the custom GT3 M4 better downforce. More interestingly, is that the wing design is said to be inspired by those on the Toyota Supra, Plymouth Hemi Superbird and Plymouth Road Runner.

BMW M4 Mamba GT3 Street Concept-2

Inside, there’s a design package that includes a GTS Style sport seat, steering wheel, gear knob and headliner all wrapped in alcantara. According to the company, the cabin has been treated with bespoke applications to give it a “racing car cabin feel.” A jet fighter-style HUD system along with a bespoke 600-watt surround sound system, Bluetooth and WiFi is also said to feature.

It gets engine management enhancements and an “engineering package,” that includes a modified twin-turbo unit. The package gives the Mamba GT3 concept a total of 719 hp (over the standard 431 hp), while rpm and peek torque figures are said to have increased by over 10%. It goes from 0-100 km/h in 3.1 seconds (from 4.1 seconds), with a top speed of over 338 km/h.

The Mamba GT3 Street Concept will go on sale and become available to the general (American) public after February 2016. So guys, while the power figures look pretty decent, what do you think of this BMW M4, decked out in this mad custom body?