Reading and watching reviews of brand new cars is all good and entertaining, even informative at times. However, what is the car actually like after it has undergone its fair share of usage over the years? A long-term review to put it short. Well, for owners of the Proton Wira, here’s your answer, and it comes from a local Malaysian stand-up comedian, Jason Leong.

First things first, if the title, A Delusional Review of The Proton Wira isn’t stating the obvious already, this video contains not just humour, but satire as well. Nonetheless, we’re sure some Proton Wira owners can associate with what Jason has experienced with the car before.

Purchased in 2008, the grey Wira owned by Jason is one that he cherishes thanks to its utmost loyalty in serving him for the past eight years. As long-serving as it is, Jason does point out a whole list of features that the car lacks, including, but not limited to, anti-lock brakes, CD changer, ventilated seats, premium audio system, “dignity” and etc.

However, the Wira is fitted with something not everyone might be familiar with. We won’t spoil what it is but it’ll definitely invoke two things. One, massive nostalgia for those who knows what it is at first sight. Two, massive confusion for those who don’t, and think it is a place to store your iPhone.

Jason Leong Proton Wira review

The Wira was truly ahead of its time when it came to practicality as well. Cup holders are all well and good, although the local mamak store isn’t gonna pack your teh ais in a cup but rather a plastic bag (ikat atas). Therefore, the car features a “drinks in plastic bag holder”, or better known as the teh tarik holder.

Jason continues by mentioning that his car has a problem with the locks, granting it a “keyless entry” feature as well. He goes on to point out that the NVH levels inside the car manage to cancel out the noise coming from the outside of the car as well. The noise does have a role to play in keeping the driver awake while driving, according to Jason.

Jason’s Wira is also a hit not just with animals (weirdly enough), but comes highly recommended by many. In Jason’s case, mechanics strongly favour the car but for reasons that are less than desirable for a car owner. On the other hand, Jason claims that the car remains a sound financial investment as people on the street come up to him just to hand him money for some strange reason.

Even with all these quirks, the Wira still remains loved by Jason. So, how many of you can associate with what you saw in this video? Let us know your experiences or any unique “features” you love about your car in the comments below.