Volkswagen Polo Facelift 1

In line with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, Volkswagen Malaysia will be running an overtrade programme from now till January 31. Those who trade-in their cars are in line for substantial rebates off their next Volkswagen vehicle.


The overtrade promo welcomes all vehicles, regardless of model and brand, to be traded-in. However, all cars will be subject to prior inspection by the authorised Volkswagen dealers, who will make the final decision on acceptance and value. Vehicle registration must be completed within the promo period.

A rough guide on overtrade support for each VW model is in the chart above. The figures are the rebates VW is offering on top of the traded-in car’s value. Let’s say you and the dealer agree on a trade-in value of RM50k, and you’re interested in a 2014 Jetta, deduct RM82k off the list price. Visit the dealers for more info.