With automakers recently submitting their final sales figures for 2015, the best selling cars in the US have finally been named. No surprises as to which model claimed the coveted top spot, though, with the Ford F Series pick-up continuing its undefeated run into the 34th year.

The top three positions were fiercely contested by the Ford, the Chevrolet Silverado, and the Ram Pickup. Clearly, US citizens are still firm believers in their pick-up trucks. Toyota and Honda were also prominently featured in the top-10 list, with three models from each brand represented in the top 10.

In the luxury segment, Mercedes-Benz claimed the honour of being the top-selling brand with 380,461 vehicles sold in the country. BMW and Lexus trailed closely behind. Meanwhile, Volkswagen’s issues in the US continue to spell trouble for the brand. Its sales fell 9.1% against 2014’s figures.

It is especially unfortunate for Volkswagen to lose out in 2015 – according to the Wall Street Journal, car sales in the US reached an all-time record of 17.5 million vehicles sold.

The publication confirmed that the figures were a 5.7% increase on the year before, with Americans spending an average USD$34,500 on a car, amounting to total estimate of USD$570 billion spent on new cars throughout the single year.

The publication attributes stable gas prices, low interest rates and employment gains as some of the factors behind the nation’s flourishing automotive industry.

The US’ top-10 best-selling vehicles in 2015 (units sold in brackets)
1. Ford F Series pick-up – 780,354
2. Chevrolet Silverado – 600,544
3. Ram Pickup – 451,116
4. Toyota Camry – 429,355
5. Toyota Corolla – 363,332
6. Honda Accord – 355,557
7. Honda CR-V – 345,647
8. Honda Civic – 335,384 (9th-gen)
9. Nissan Altima (Teana) – 333,398
10. Toyota RAV4 – 315,412