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Riding a motorcycle is a solitary sport, even when riding in groups. Some riders, to while the miles away, use ear-phones connected to a phone or mp3 player. German firm Headwave has come up with what they dub the “Concert Capsule”, that eliminates putting bud speakers in your ear and long cords leading to your player.

This externally-mounted vibration speaker fits to any helmet using adhesive tape. A special transponder inside the Concert Capsule produces vibrations and uses the helmet to resonate and amplify the vibration, transmitting sound and music to the rider’s ears.

The Concert Capsule is certified to IP67, meaning it is completely waterproof and will withstand substantial shock and impact. You can pair the Capsule with a smartphone, other Bluetooth devices and GPS devices.

Since the Capsule has no microphone, using it to make calls is not an option, but you can receive GPS instructions and the like. It has a USB rechargeable port, and is designed for one-button operation. Battery life is estimated at six to eight hours.

The Headwave TAG Concert Capsule is available for online purchase at a price of 299 euro (RM1,432) and ships worldwide.