Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia may have only just launched its new Jaguar XE in the country, but it looks like the company is already gearing up for the arrival of two new models – one sooner, another later.

At the XE’s launch event today, we caught up with Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia’s managing director Syed Mudzhar Syed Ali, who confirmed with that the new XF premium executive sedan is next in line to be launched here.

“Yes, our new Jaguar XF is coming soon. We will launch it in a few more months,” Mudzhar said. The second-generation Jaguar XF was globally revealed nearly a year ago. The new model’s styling is heavily inspired by the smaller XE, which it also shares a common architecture with.


When quizzed about the new F-Pace SUV, Mudzhar claimed, “it is coming, yes. But not as soon as we would like. We should have it ready by early next year.” Only just making its global debut last September at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, the managing director explained that it’s just a matter of formalities, but a launch in the first quarter of 2017 would be realistic.

Like the XF and XE that was just launched here, the F-Pace will be fully-imported (CBU) from the UK. There, prices for the F-Pace start from 34,170 pounds (RM210k) for the very base-spec, 180 PS, 2.0 litre RWD diesel variant. The new XF’s prices start from 32,300 pounds (RM195k) for the 163 PS, 2.0 RWD diesel.

Considering the high prices of the brand’s XE range, we asked the managing director if local assembly would ever be on the cards for JLRM. He said, “It depends on our principal. It’s their decision. There has been some discussion, but we don’t know what the outcome will be yet. Generally, we should and would definitely like to have locally assembled models – that would make us a lot more competitive. But, we need the volume to come in first.”


GALLERY: Jaguar F-Pace