As America continues its countdown to the Super Bowl, Acura has just revealed its latest spot for the big show. Featuring an Acura NSX, the 30-second commercial is a pure expression of red, white and blue pride.

Yes, the NSX is exclusively produced in North America (sold elsewhere as the Honda NSX), and Acura is quite proud of the fact – so much so, that you’ll literally only see red, white and blue colours throughout this clip. And you couldn’t ask for a more American soundtrack than Eddie Van Halen’s Runnin’ With The Devil playing in the background.

The Colorado Panthers may be taking on the Denver Broncos on February 7, but you’ll have to wait until February 25 for the NSX’s configurator to come online – marking the first day dealers in the US begin accepting orders for the car.

Just this morning, we reported that the first-ever Acura NSX, VIN #001, was sold at auction for a staggering USD$1.2 million (RM5 million) – well over its MSRP of USD$156,000 (RM649,700) to USD$205,700 (RM856,203) when fully loaded with options.

As promised, the auction, organised by Barrett-Jackson, will now hand over all proceeds to two children’s charities – the Paediatric Brain Tumour Foundation and Camp Southern Ground, the passion project of Grammy Award-winning artist Zac Brown.

The hybrid all-wheel drive Acura NSX sports car is powered by a complex Sport Hybrid Power Unit powertrain. The rear axle is driven by a 500 hp/550 Nm 3.5 litre DOHC twin-turbo V6 petrol engine and a 47 hp/148 Nm Direct Drive Motor. Two more motors exclusively power the front axle. The front-mounted Twin Motor Unit (TMU) puts out 72 hp (36 hp at each wheel) and 146 Nm. Collectively, the NSX has a total system output of 573 hp and 645 Nm.