Nissan has announced that it will be introducing a new “Lightweighting” programme for all of its future models. Speaking to CarAdvice, David Moss, vice president of vehicle design and development at Nissan Technical Centre Europe revealed the car maker’s new direction.

“We know the cars of the future will need to be lighter, stronger and more efficient, which is why we are launching our prototype programme in collaboration with research and industry bodies across the UK,” said the design chief.

According to the Australian publication, the goal for Nissan is to develop a “prototype material structure” for its future models. As part of a greater scheme to put its model range on a serious diet to shed the pounds, the company is likely to go as far as to include aerospace materials in its vehicles.

“This programme intends to produce a new manufacturing process that will revolutionise the industry,” exclaimed Moss. It is reported that the new materials will feature on the next generation of Nissan vehicles.