Proton has revealed a new logo, as seen on the brand’s Facebook page. The new tiger emblem also comes with a fresh tagline – It’s in the Drive!

As before, the new Proton logo’s dominating element is a tiger head inside a ring, and the emblem is in black and sliver. However, the “PROTON” lettering has been deleted, and the tiger head moved higher as a result. The ring is now thicker and looks to be more “3D” in appearance. New or old – which do you prefer?

“A new era, a new face. This new logo signals the beginning of a new era for all of us at Proton. It’s more than just a new face. It’s a new promise. A new attitude. A new commitment. Many do not know and have not driven our latest cars. It’s time they did. It’s time they knew who we are, what we stand for and how good our cars really are,” Proton said on its FB page.

Meanwhile, the new “It’s in the Drive!” motto alludes to driving pleasure, backed by characteristic good ride and handling, and the promise of new engines. Stay tuned for more big news from Proton today!

It's in the Drive

After 30 years of experience, learning, improving, and investing, we've reached a new dawn. An era that will have you know and think about us… differently. A new chapter that will bring you quality cars that deliver attractive designs. great value, and utmost safety. We've put our minds and hearts, along with millions of man-hours of research and development, into ensuring we produce cars that we are proud of. And cars you'll be proud to own. The proof will be in the driving. And there's no better way to convince you but for you to test drive our cars yourself. Therefore, along with our new PROTON logo, we now introduce as our new signature message: "It’s in the Drive!" Consider it our invitation to discover a new era of purpose, energy, innovation and focus. Welcome to the new PROTON.

Posted by Proton Cars on Tuesday, 16 February 2016