After the launch of the Honda CBR150R on February 14, the Sentul circuit in west Jawa saw another launch, this time of the Suzuki Satria F150. This ‘hyper’ underbone, or kapchai, class bike boasts of a very impressive claimed 18.5 hp and 13.8 Nm torque as stock, which is significantly higher than most bikes in this class and engine capacity.

The Satria F150 sees a whole slew of improvements to the engine in the quest for more power, showing the racing intentions of this bike. A new twin-spray fuel injection system uses six sensors to provide optimum fuelling under all climate conditions. Compression has also been raised, from 10.2:1 to 11.5:1, which means using only the good stuff in the fuel tank.

Valve angles are also now more acute, with larger intake and exhaust valves to get the fuel-air mixture in and out as quickly as possible, working in conjunction with a larger throttle valve body. A lighter, short-skirted piston sits inside a smaller and lighter block, to aid in the engine’s mechanical efficiency.

Targetted at students and young working adults, the 2016 Satria F150 comes in two versions – standard and high grade. The standard retails for 21.65 million rupiah (RM6,763) and comes in three colour choices, while the high grade goes for 21.95 million rupiah (RM6,863) and buyers can choose between two colour schemes.

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Posted by Suzuki Motor Indonesia on Tuesday, 16 February 2016