American trike manufacturer BRP has shown the Can-Am F3 Turbo Spyder Concept ahead of this weekend’s Daytona 500 race. Using a 1,330 cc Rotax turbocharged engine with intercooler allows this in-line three-cylinder to put out 150 hp and 186 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm.

Sprinting to the 100 km/h mark 4.3 seconds, the F3 Turbo Spyder Concept takes the quarter-mile in 12.3 seconds. The F3 rider now has the ability to rear-wheel drift this three-wheeler. Can-Am’s U-fit system allows for any Spyder to be custom fitted to the rider’s height.

Racing features strongly in the DNA of the F3 Spyder Concept, with racing slicks for track use and a straight-throught Akropovic exhaust fitted as standard. The graphics are also unique to the F3 Spyder Concept, and the lurid yellow paintwork is eye-blinding.

Other go-fast goodies include FOX Performance racing shock absorbers, and the seat unit is now solo. A NASCAR-inspired front spoiler is designed in, as is a unique LED front light and and instrument pack from Autometer that includes a boost gauge.

No word on pricing or availability as yet, or whether it is destined for markets outside North America, but this would certainly make an interesting track toy.