BMW has released a video that explains how it believes its Head-Up Display (HUD) technology can improve driving everyday. Of course, HUD technology isn’t new, nor is it limited to premium models alone. Several manufacturers have taken the initiative to add such systems into more affordable vehicles as well.

However, not all systems are created equal. In the new G11 7 Series, for example, BMW offers its best HUD system yet, with a display area over 12-inches big. “The newest is of course brighter, bigger and nicer, but it also contains the exact information that we believe is relevant,” says Marcus Behrendt, BMW Group Development Head of User Experience.

As far as this writer’s personal experience goes, yes, BMW does have one of the most impressive HUD systems. They unobtrusively project necessary data within your scope of view, allowing you to be fed with a lot information without ever taking your eyes off the road. Depending on the specified HUD unit, this info may include navigational directions, audio preferences, vehicle data and much more.

Looking ahead, BMW appears to be focused on introducing what it calls “augmented reality solutions.” There’s a brief look at what such a system could look like, and yes, this looks properly game-changing.