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A question from paultan.org reader Ben Yap asking about fitting a motorcycle to a rider’s physique prompted a further question on which manufacturers actually do provide some form of adjustment to their bikes to fit riders of various body shapes and sizes. In the case of the 2016 Vulcan S, Kawasaki answers that question with Ergo Fit, a range of accessories that allow a rider to tailor the Vulcan S to suit.

The Kawasaki Vulcan S is a 650 cc liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engined cruiser that emphasises sporty handling and ease of riding over the traditional American iron looks. Kawasaki is pushing the Vulcan S as a versatile bike designed to suit riders of various age-groups and skill levels, and realised that proper control over a motorcycle is key to building confidence.

To that end, Ergo Fit is a system designed to fit riders from above 1.85 metres in height to below 1.68 metres using three different fits – reduced, mid and extended. Through the use of different handlebar and seat lengths, and position of the foot-pegs, the Vulcan S can be tailored to allow any rider to be seated comfortably, safely and most importantly, in control.

With 61 hp and 63 Nm of torque, most riders will find the Vulcan S unintimidating, and easy to handle, with EFI allowing for smooth take-offs. The low standard seat height of 705 mm. Locally the Vulcan S comes in two colour choices – black or purple.

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A range of accessories is also available straight from the Kawasaki catalogue to customise the look of the Vulcan S. These range from a choice of two windshields, as well as a cafe racer chin fairing. Pannier bags are also available, along with passenger seats, back rests, luggage racks and the like.

Retailing for around RM30,000 in Malaysia, the Kawasaki Vulcan S has proven popular amongst local riders, especially those looking for a easy-to-ride motorcycle.

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