Italdesign GTZero Concept-3

Italian design and engineering firm, Italdesign is presenting the GTZero Concept in Geneva. The electric car, in shooting brake form, was planned, designed and made at the company’s headquarters in Moncalieri, Italy.

The design inspiration of the concept is drawn from several concept cars of the past. These include the Alfa Romeo Scighera, Daewoo Bucrane, Ferrari GG50 and the Bizzarrini Manta. Additionally, the company says that it pays tribute to Italdesign’s history, which is now approaching some 50 years.

Underpinning the GTZero is a solid monocoque carbon frame with aluminium sub-frames. Modularity is possible thanks to the sub-frames, which allows for altering of the overall dimensions, while keeping the carbon structure unchanged. The benefit of this is that it allows for different types of cars and drive systems.

Italdesign GTZero Concept-7

As for the GTZero’s body, it’s made out of composite materials to ensure lightness and strength. At the same time, the concept sports functional active aerodynamic systems. The large air intakes at the front and rear and the active rear spoiler contribute to increased aerodynamic flow and better downforce. At the side, two slots near the wheel arches will help cool the brakes.

Other noteworthy elements that the GTZero possesses include the doors that open in the “elytra” style (beetle wings), the hexagonal large rear window (also a door to the luggage compartment) and the hexagonal LED encircling the rear window, which also acts as vehicle’s rear lamps. The batteries on the other hand, are integrated into the frame, inside the central tunnel.

Inside, the GTZero concept has no buttons. Italdesign chose to go with the “less is more” concept, replacing them with multitouch control screens. There are three large air-conditioning vents, while four screens arranged at three different depths are subdivided, displaying only essential driver information.

Italdesign GTZero Concept-8

The small central monitor shows the gear used, while two other screens display speed and revs, while the large monitor displays navigation info. Behind the steering wheel (in place of the paddle shifters) are two pads that control the three-level OLED dashboard display. Two others in front control primary functions such as the headlights, indicators and wipers.

Meanwhile, touching both the rear pads at the same time will activate “Pista!” mode. Said mode modifies the power of the car, and at the same time, all intermediate monitors will slide on a runner, overlapping the main screen, where all information will be centred. The large monitor will also be stowed away automatically, and a wide screen will descend from the centre dashboard.

Italdesign GTZero Concept-19

The seats and door release are similarly controlled electronically and without the use of any buttons. The seats are wrapped in leather, while the dashboard is hand-worked and has a mix of satin aluminium and carbon. The GTZero can sit four occupants in total, with its 2+2 configuration.

Delivering power to the wheels are three electric motors (two on the front axle and one at the rear). With that, it is capable of a total of 483 hp, with a top speed of 250 km/h. Also, with the electric motor setup, all-wheel drive is available. The GTZero claims to have a travel range of 500 km, while the battery, on the other hand, can be charged to 80% in about 30 minutes.