Volkswagen T-Cross Breeze live Geneva

Keen to make amends and move on from the horrors of its dieselgate saga, brands from the Volkswagen Group were in an unusual mood at the recent Geneva Motor Show. CarAdvice, having been to several motor shows as the Group’s guests before, reports that the group’s mellowed mood at the recent event was unlike ever before.

The Australian publication noted that each brand under the Volkswagen Group – Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche and Volkswagen – spoke largely of a more positive future. “Now is our chance to show what the brand really stands for. We can show our customers how we see the future and how we intend to shape it,” summed up Volkswagen’s CEO, Matthias Mueller.

“We are working hard to re-establish this trust – 2016 is the year where we intend to solve problems of the diesel engines for our customers. We will also build a foundation for a new and better Volkswagen,” he said.

VW Phideon-02

Volkswagen Phideon.

Eager and seemingly determined to overcome its issues, especially those relating to customer trust, Mueller said that while its dealers may encounter difficulties during this period of recalls, it is also an opportunity for them to “intensify relationships” with its customers.

“We must let the external investigators do their jobs,” Mueller said, demanding for the truth behind the dieselgate saga. “We want to see the truth as much as the public, but we must not be paralysed by these diesel issues,” he continued.

Looking ahead, the Volkswagen chief focused on his brand’s development of a new, fully-electric autonomous vehicle for the future. “It will be able to get the latest software updates quickly and easily, it will have a large heads up display, augmented reality, react to voice commands and even eye movements. This development will change the fundamentals of our business,” he said.

xl1 4

Volkswagen XL1.

“We will soon see genuine electric ranges of 500 km. Eventually, an electric car will cost less than a conventional car. We need a widespread charging infrastructure, we need to walk the walk as time is pressing. Climate targets can only be achieved if a significant proportion of the vehicles on the road are electric,” Mueller explained.

In his speech, the CEO continued to say that the Volkswagen Group’s structure has been “repositioned for the digital age,” with three new design centres in Europe, Japan and the US that will design and develop the digital car of the future.