Attention Honda owners. Honda Malaysia (HM) today announced a “product update” a.k.a. recall for 93,929 units comprising various models to replace the 12V battery.

Affected models include the City (2003-2014 YM, 2016 YM), Jazz (2009 YM, 2012-2013 YM, 2015-2016 YM), Civic (2010, 2012-2013 YM), Insight (2011-2013 YM), CR-Z (2012-2013 YM), Freed (2010-2012 YM) and CR-V (2013 YM). See the chart above for a clearer view of the models and year of manufacture.

UPDATE: We’ve contacted HM for clarification and the company says that the recall is necessary as the 12V battery fitted to affected vehicles “does not meet Honda Malaysia’s specific requirements, and it may lead to battery damage when the engine is started.”

The reason cars as old as 2003 are included is because some owners have continued to return to Honda service centres, and batteries might have been replaced at official facilities. These replacement batteries could be affected, and to be sure, HM has decided to recall and replace 12V batteries across the board.

HM says that there have been no injuries or accidents related to this issue reported in Malaysia, and that current selling models are not affected. Customers will be notified by a letter, which would include details of the product update. Upon receiving the letter, proceed to a Honda dealership for inspection. All parts and labour charges will be borne by HM.

Customers can also check their vehicle’s status by calling Honda’s toll free number 1800-88-2020.