Stephen Hawking is widely regarded as one of the leading physicists of our time, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun while he’s at it. Jaguar’s latest ad, starring the new F-Pace SUV, brings out the scientist’s dark side as part of the brand’s continuing celebration of British villainy.

The 60-second spot, entitled “British Intelligence,” features the typical suave Brit escaping his pursuers in the F-Pace, all the while telling the viewers how some people (i.e. British people) get away with anything. He parks up at the typical minimalist villain lair and enters, only to be cornered by Hawking, who berates him about being late.

Entering into a dark room, the man impresses Hawking with a video of him conducting a loop-the-loop in the F-Pace. “We are the masters of time and space,” he says – to which Hawking responds with a wry smile: “And we all drive Jaguars. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

Speaking about his appearance in the ad, Hawking said on Facebook, “You all know me as Professor Stephen Hawking, the physicist wrestling with the great concepts of time and space. But there is another side to me that you may not know: Stephen Hawking the actor. I have always wanted to be in a movie playing the part of the typical British villain. And now, thanks to Jaguar my wish has come true.”

As with the other “It’s Good to be Bad” adverts commissioned by Jaguar, this spot was directed by Academy Award-winning director Tom Hooper. Other actors to have graced the screens include Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, Tom Hiddleston and Nicolas Hoult.

“British villains are the smartest villains in the world, perfectly embodied by the great actors Sir Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong and Nicolas Hoult. Taking it to the next level with ‘British Intelligence’ is a small step and nobody personifies this any better than Professor Stephen Hawking,” said Ralf Specht, CEO of the company which created the ad, Spark44.

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