Porsche Panamera 9

Not long now until the next-generation 2017 Porsche Panamera is unveiled – our European spy photographers have caught Zuffenhausen’s upcoming sedan with barely any disguise applied, showing the revamped design almost in full.

Different variants are seen in these photos – the base model, a sportier mid-table model (likely the Panamera 4S) and what appears to be a Turbo/Turbo S range-topper. The standard Panamera gets a simpler, less aggressive front bumper, while the sportier model has protruding side air intakes and a trapezoidal centre inlet – very similar to the one on the Cayman GTS and GT4.

The Turbo/Turbo S, on the other hand, has larger intakes, presumably to feed more air into the radiators. All three get slimline LED daytime running lights in the corner of the bumpers, and while the headlights are still wrapped in camouflage, the outlines themselves – reminiscent of the Cayman and Boxster, and moving away from the rounded shape of the outgoing Panamera – is clear to see.

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Moving down the side, one can see references to the earlier Panamera Sport Turismo concept, such as the smaller, but deeper fender vents, as well as a crease low down in the doors. The glasshouse has also been stretched further back – adding a separate C-pillar quarter window in the process – in a bid to distance the new Panamera from the current car’s awkward proportions, without reducing headroom.

The large amount of camouflage over the tail lights of these prototypes make it difficult to read the design of the rear, but closer inspection reveals that the Panamera will get the 991 facelift‘s slim three-dimensional tail lights, with what appears to be a horizontal bar connecting the lamps on certain mules – just like on four-wheel drive 911s. This suggests that the bar will act as a differentiator between 2WD and AWD models.

Also seen here is a large rear diffuser, with dual exhaust outlets on the base models, quad round exhausts on mid range variants and quad trapezoidal exhausts on the Turbo and Turbo S.

Porsche Panamera 13

Although no photos of the interior can be found here, we’ve already seen what the new Panamera’s cabin will look like, with a 918 Spyder-style three-spoke steering wheel, a large centre touchscreen above the centre air vents and what appear to be touch panels around the gearlever to control the car’s various functions.

Under the skin, the Panamera will be underpinned by the Volkswagen Group’s new Modular Standard Platform (MSB). To be applied in all high-end Volkswagen Group models, such as the future Bentley Continental range, MSB will bring about significant weight savings as well – said to be up to 100 kg, in the case of the Panamera.

With Porsche now moving to turbocharged engines, expect the Panamera to launch with the new 3.6 litre twin-turbo V6 from the facelifted Cayenne S and GTS, as well as a new turbocharged V8 for the Panamera Turbo and Turbo S. Diesel and S-Hybrid models are expected to be announced later on, and there will also be a shooting break variant that will take after the Sport Turismo show car, for those who need more luggage space.